A less than optimal immune system makes you susceptible to all manner of health problems…

As a health savvy person dedicated to maintaining good health for you and your family, you’ll be aware that the human immune system is constantly challenged by factors such as environmental pollution, day-to-day stress, poor dietary choices and even the normal aging process.

Because what affects the body also affects immune health, there are a wide variety of conditions that can be linked to an immune system that is not working optimally, such as: allergies, weakened stress defenses, inflammation, weight gain, digestive problems, sleep issues and premature aging.

Daily Immune Protection (D.I.P) may help. While many other immune health products “boost” or stimulate the immune system, D.I.P is in a category all of its own because it “balances” immune response for optimal performance. Research shows that the D.I.P formula supports the function of both the innate and adaptive immune systems. It also works to “educate” the immune system by promoting the proper immune response when the body is being inappropriately attacked, as in the case with allergies.

D.I.P nutrients include EpiCor®, a powerful antioxidant with an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) value of 52,500/100g, so it’s a great free radical scavenger. Additionally, research supports that EpiCor® has anti-inflammatory properties.

Supported by years of research and development, EpiCor® is a unique and valuable supplement for immune health. It’s fully tested, effective and safe to take on an ongoing, daily basis; it’s an effective addition to your dietary supplement program.


eXselenTM Selenium.

Selenium is an essential trace mineral your body is dependent on, but cannot produce on its own. Selenium must be ingested through foods in our diet or by supplementation. eXselenTM is a highly bioavailable organic Selenium that guarantees consistently high levels of Selenomethionine – the preferred form for efficient absorption by the body. This high quality raw material is backed by 15 years of research, and by 60 years of proprietary fermentation technology.


  • is a natural antioxidant that helps protect healthy cells from free radical damage
  • supports immune functions
  • supports the body’s normal inflammatory response and may protect breast, prostate and thyroid health.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is critical to keeping your immune system strong. The cells that make up immune system contain Vitamin D3 receptors. If there is insufficient Vitamin D3 present, immune cells become weak and cannot protect the body from infections. Vitamin

D3 deficiency is quite common in individuals because it cannot be stored in the body, making replenishment through daily supplementation vital to immune health.



Research to date shows EpiCor® works to enhance the immune system by:

    • increasing levels of secretory IgA, which supports the human mucosal barrier
    • supporting the adaptive immune system by activating natural killer (NK) cells
    • being a powerful antioxidant with an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) value of 52,500/100g, thus providing
    • additional health benefits as a free radical scavenger
    • significant anti- inflammatory properties.

These studies also indicate that there is unlikely to be a reaction between EpiCor® and prescription drugs. So Daily Immune Protection, containing EpiCor®, is the perfect choice to stay healthy year round.



D.I.P Daily Immune Protection® contains EpiCor® yeast extract, Vitamin D3 and eXselenTM organic selenium, an effective combination for which, taken on a regular basis helps balance and maintain a healthy immune system strong enough to protect you all year long.

Other recommendations for immune support are: Olive Leaf ExtractTM; CurcuminX4000, and ModucareTM.