We take a look at the importance of friendly bacteria.

You may have heard of friendly bacteria – like probiotics – but did you know that over 100 trillion bacteria from 400 different species can be found in your digestive tract? These ‘bugs’ have a very specific purpose: to help digest, absorb and produce B vitamins and enzymes that support the health of your entire body.

Friendly and unfriendly ‘bugs’ in the body aren’t visible to the naked eye. Yet they are vital to the health of every bodily system. Good and bad bacteria can be found in the gut, in the mouth, on the skin and even in the birth canal. Bacteria outnumber human cells in your body by 10 to 1. Whether you realise it or not, your body needs bacteria to stay alive.


The environment of your digestive system dictates the quality of your overall health. Simply put – if you have a recurrent
health issue or even a major health problem, it can be traced back to the quality of your digestive health. If your
gut is outnumbered by harmful bacteria, it throws your health off balance. Harmful bacteria can infiltrate your body to cause a number of corresponding symptoms and, eventually, a massive breakdown.

Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can destroy friendly intestinal flora. Chlorine in drinking water can further harm digestive health. Foods like meat, chicken and dairy products loaded full of antibiotics can wipe out all good bacteria in the gut.

When you don’t have friendly bugs on your side, your body is vulnerable to widespread damage. Supporting your digestion will lead to optimal health – in terms of better nutrition, lower cholesterol, higher immunity, healthier skin, fewer digestive issues and even protection against cancer.


You can find a probiotic supplement at almost any health store or grocery chain. However, not all probiotics provide the same benefits to restore health from the inside out. Most store-bought probiotics are made with fragile bacteria that are quickly destroyed by stomach acid. For this reason, it’s critical to look for a probiotic formulated with viable bacteria that can reach the intestines intact.

Just as important as viability is diversity. Diversity in a probiotic means that more beneficial bacteria will spread throughout your body. A higher microbial diversity in the gut is a marker of exceptional health. Many store-bought probiotics have two or fewer strains of friendly bacteria. The most beneficial probiotic contains up to 29 strains of friendly bacteria that improve absorption, enhance digestion and support gut-immune health.

The right probiotic is all-encompassing. Research supports that potent, multi-strain probiotics can alleviate gastritis caused by antibiotic therapy, recondition the GI tract after antibiotic use, and even effectively treat IBS and other chronic gastric issues. (Bittner et al., 2005)


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