Says pet owner and health advocate Robert Redfern

Animals give us so much: companionship, entertainment and, of course, unconditional love. If we care about our own health, we should also be concerned for their nutritional well-being. In the case of supplements, it’s been widely demonstrated they can be very beneficial in a variety of animal conditions.

And as far as we know, animals don’t have imagination, which makes them ideal candidates for proving that supplements ‘work’. There is no place in their world for the so-called placebo effect.



When Rosie, Susan’s Shitzu dog, developed lymphatic cancer, enlarged nodes in Rosie’s throat constricted her ability to swallow. Susan gave her BetaFactor®, a supplement for boosting the immune system, Protease and carotene supplements. Within a month, the nodes had shrunk and by August her little dog was pronounced ‘in remission’. Says Susan:

“Imagine my amazement when at the beginning of October her blood test came back completely normal!”

Rosie went on to live another two happy years.

 Julia’s terrier suffers from arthritis in his back leg. He was in great pain.

“In less than a month on SerraPetTM he can now go on nice long walks and the muscle is building up. I am going to tell my vet about SerraPetTM”

Another helpful supplement for joint and inflammation problems is CurcuminX4000, which in India’s system of Ayurvedic medicine has been recognized for thousands of years as a superior detoxifying and circulation herb.



My own cat, Sheba, has had a long- term problem with polyps in her right ear. Apart from acute irritation these are apt to grow until they reach the ear drum. An operation is very invasive. After several months on BetaFactor®, I took her for a check-up and to my delight the vet declared them ‘contained’. I hope, with continued use, they will shrink significantly.

A number of vets have been using SerraPetTM enzymes for arthritis and many other animal conditions and the results are more than encouraging. This animal treatment does not require a prescription and costs far less than conventional medicines. No side-effects are recorded and pain relief seems to be almost total.

Ann had stunning results with SerraPetTM. Her 16 year old cat Clipsee experienced discomfort when her hindquarters stiffened and she lost mobility in her tail. She also became incontinent. After two months on SerraPetTM, she is out and about all the time and the leakage has stopped. Ann dares to hope she’ll even regain some hearing as well. “It’s really as if time has rolled back!” she says.


Wounds that won’t heal and infections that don’t clear up are increasing problems in today’s world as resistance to standard antibiotics develops in both humans and animals. Hydrosol Silver is an amazing tissue healing agent and an anti-viral, anti-bacterial and health promoting substance.

Kirsty’s 19-year old horse was wounded so badly the vet suggested putting her down. She refused and gave her equine friend SerraPetTM and Hydrosol Silver. “The results are amazing,” she says. “There is no scarring and the hair has grown back. Now I have a reputation for producing my Hydrosol bottle at the first sign of infection.”

Finally, let’s not forget the birds. June who runs Parrotcare and Rehabilitation Ltd has been giving SerraPetTM to these colourful creatures. It seems to be helping them to stop plucking out their feathers. If so, it’s a breakthrough, as no-one else has found a cure.



The effectiveness of acupuncture is well documented and many vets are now using it for pain relief and other ailments in animals. Vets report that dogs and horses respond well for the most part, and it can prove useful for arthritis, lameness and back pain. HealthPointTM delivers the benefits of acupressure point stimulation on dogs and horses, and is available with a book to detail the acupressure points that can be used.



SerraPetTM great health support for dogs, horses and cats for anywhere inflammation needs resolving;  SerraPetTM is a Serrapeptase formula – but for your pet. Serrapeptase has lots of proven health benefits and can offer your pet the following support if needed:

Help with…

✔  Healthier Lungs, Sinus & Mucus problems

✔  Healthier Joints & Tendons

✔  Inflammation (after surgery, injury etc)

✔  ScarTissue,Cysts,Mastitis

BetaFactor® immune system booster; Essential Digestive PlusTM has 8 digestive enzymes to make up for those lost in processed pet foods; Probiotic14TM has 14 strains of friendly bacteria for your pet’s digestive tract; and Active LifeTM great tasting liquid formula contains all the essential nutrients that may be missing from your pet’s diet.

Also recommended: Hydrosol Silver IonsTM for infections; CurcuminX4000; HealthPointTM electro acupressure; EquiHealthTM HealthPointTM Horse Treatment book and EquiHealthTM HealthPointTM Horse Lead.