World-renowned Serrapeptase could change your life.

Serrapeptase is a natural, anti-inflammatory enzyme that was first found in the intestine of the silkworm. This enzyme grown in plant material has become special because it has had widespread clinical use, spanning more than 25 years throughout Europe and Asia. Many reputable physicians consider Serrapeptase to be a viable alternative to harsher salicylates, ibuprofen, and NSAIDs.

Unlike chemical drugs, Serrapeptase is natural. Originally found in the intestine of the silkworm, Serrapetase is now naturally produced in a laboratory using the fermentation process on plant material. Within fermentation, the immunologically active Serrapeptase enzyme is bound to the alpha 2 macroglobulin within biological fluids.

Serrapeptase digests certain proteins and attacks only dead tissue; the enzyme clears the pain-inducing amines released by inflammatory tissue. In the body, Serrapeptase can digest inflammation, blood clots, cysts, scar tissue, and arterial plaque. Late German physician Dr. Hans Nieper used natural Serrapeptase to treat arterial blockage in CVry patients. Nieper recommended Serrapeptase to shrink or diminish varicose veins and dissolve harmful blood clots. In his practice, Nieper was able to treat a woman scheduled for hand amputation and a man scheduled for bypass surgery without surgical intervention, using Serrapeptase.

Dr. Simon Norton of the Epsom Chiropractic Clinic is “delighted” with the results he has seen in his practice after recommending Serrapeptase to patients. Dr Norton has used Serrapeptase as an alternative, safe treatment for enlarged varicose veins, chronic headaches, smoker’s lungs, and tennis elbow.

Dr. Norton prefers anti-inflammatory Serrapeptase use as part of his clinical holistic approach; health can be restored through diet and lifestyle changes, coupled with appropriate supplements.
Serrapeptase has been prescribed as a standard treatment in Germany and other European countries for traumatic swelling and inflammation.


Because of its astonishing clinical use, Serrapeptase is highly praised. This naturally occurring proteolytic enzyme provides the best results when used with a healthy diet and lifestyle plan to fight disease-causing inflammation in the body.

Serrapeptase can both heal and support functions in the body, like:

  • Natural healing
  • Sinus health
  • Joint mobility
  • Fluid balance
  • Detoxification
  • Post-op recovery

The benefits don’t stop there. Serrapeptase testimonials come from far and wide, for a wide range of conditions; including anti- ageing, vision problems, cardiovascular issues, endometriosis, lung and chest ailments, multiple sclerosis, and trauma.

One woman describes her success in using Serrapeptase to treat painful endometriosis, “A couple of years ago I took your product Serrapeptase for endometriosis and with the help of this and other things I no longer have it. Thanks.”

Another Serrapeptase user confirms health benefits after a heart bypass operation, “I have been successfully using Serrapeptase since my heart bypass operation a few years ago. Regularly I undergo check-ups and so far my arteries are perfectly clean to such a point that the Cardiologist has reduced my medication! THANK YOU so much!”

The latest research even provides hope for sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease. In a new study published last year, researchers confirmed that Serrapeptase and Nattokinase administered daily for 45 days caused a significant decrease
in brain chemical activity associated with Alzheimer’s disease. This enzyme treatment also resulted in a significant increase in brain chemical activity that protects against Alzheimer’s disease.


Serrapeptase as an anti-inflammatory enzyme is beneficial to your health, whether you struggle with a small or large health problem. Serrapeptase may be taken to aid relief from a specific health concern and disease-causing inflammation; it may also be taken as a supplement to promote overall wellbeing, longevity, and general health, as part of your daily health regime.

Serrapeptase is the right enzyme for you. If you want to see near-miraculous benefits from the use of Serrapeptase,
as described in the testimonials above, consider the type of supplement that you take. Serrapeptase should be taken as an organic proteolytic enzyme in delayed- release capsules or tablets for optimum systemic delivery.

Serrapeptase is available in 80,000IU and 250,000IU doses. When 80,000IU delayed-release Serrapeptase capsules are taken on an empty stomach, they are activated in the small intestine instead of the stomach. There, this natural enzyme can do the job it sets out to do. It can help to clear inflammation and dead tissue causing harm to the body. The use of natural Serrapeptase does not come with any known side effects or interactions, compared to potentially dangerous prescription drug use. Make sure you ask for Serrapeptase with the coatings free from phthalates, a chemical plasticiser gaining a bad reputation.

250,000IU Serrapeptase is a concentrated dose in a maximum strength formulation. 250,000IU capsules provide more value for your money, as a cost- effective way to increase Serrapeptase dosage in capsule form. Serrapeptase 250,000IU capsules are three times stronger than 80,000IU capsules.

The ‘Miracle EnzymeTM’ can fit within your routine, and work to help improve your health and quality of life. Serrapeptase users testify time and again that there is no problem too large or too small for the renowned enzyme, offering much-needed assistance in the relief of many chronic conditions, including arthritis, breast cysts, cancer recovery, chronic cough, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, sciatica, and more.

Serrapeptase user Lucinda W says:

“I am taking 80,000IU Serrapeptase – one per day. I have only been taking it since Monday and already my colorectal problems feel better. For your info too, I recommended them to a friend of the lady who gives me a massage twice monthly as her friend has an enormous scar on her face from surgery. She has only been using them for two weeks and already she can see a difference.”



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