Headaches and migraines can be disabling enough to grind you down and stop you in your tracks. Robert Redfern explains more.

Headaches and Migraines are a real pain for sufferers. For those of us who are free of them, the only way we know how severely others are suffering, is when we see how debilitating it is for them and how they sometimes simply cannot function.

Even though I do not suffer from them (particularly since I changed my diet), I feel I can claim to have become an expert at least in preventing and clearing them with 23 years of doing just this.

What are headaches/migraines?

There are nearly as many types of headaches/migraines as there are opinions! In many cases, headaches may only occur occasionally and are quickly overcome by having something to eat or a quiet rest. However, some people may suffer unpleasant attacks, which may last for several hours, or even days, preventing them from carrying out their usual daily routines, which even affects the lives of others that rely on them.

Here are a few:

Toxin or weekend headaches/migraines come about through a high level of stress that constricts the blood capillaries in those who feel stressed about their daily jobs. Somehow, they manage to hold it together all week, then along comes Friday evening/Saturday morning and as soon as they relax, the capillaries’ toxins that would normally detox every day, suddenly rush into the system and bring about pain. The bad news is that it can last a few hours, or in the worst cases, 2 days and then clear just before going back to their jobs on Monday morning. This may be a factor in other types as well of course.

Triggers include:

Emotional stress– tension, anger or shock, Physical stress- overwork or lack of sleep/ rest
Diet – missing meals, dehydration, drinking too much alcohol or additives in processed foods
Environment– bright lights, computer screens, loud noises
Hormonal causes– female cycles
High blood pressure– diet and lifestyle

Tension headaches/migraines include:

Frontal Headaches/Migraines

These occur over the frontal region of the head (forehead). Migraine is a particular type of headache, often lasting many hours and accompanied by sensations of flashing lights, nausea and vomiting.

Occipital (Neck) Headaches/Migraine

This is a headache occurring over the back of the head. Many of those with occipital headaches suffer accompanying neck problems and both need to be addressed.

Temporal Headaches/Migraines

This is a headache/migraine occurring on the side of the head.

Vertex Headaches/Migraines

This is a headache/migraine occurring on the top of the head.

Cluster Headaches/Migraines

These are repeated very painful temporal headaches/migraines.

Sinusitis Headaches/Migraines

Frontal Headaches/Migraines caused by inflamed sinuses usually caused by infection, allergy or viral autoimmune diseases.


Following my plan will always result in preventing and stopping these problems but I cannot promise they will never come back. The more of the following points you deal with the better chance of long-term help.

Some common causes:

  • TMJ (jaw pain/tension)
  • Not drinking 6-8 x 500ml (16fl.oz) glasses of water per day
  • Poor breathing patterns
  • Tension/ anxiety/stress/depression
  • Allergies
  • Excess unnatural foods (grains, cereals, sugar, processed foods in the diet)
  • Chemicals in foods
  • Dairy
  • Fluorescent lighting/bright lights
  • Emotional issues
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Lack of sleep
  • Alcohol (for some people, just 1 glass)

Even if you use my solutions below I still strongly recommend you deal with all of these common causes in your life. Not just for headache/migraines but for your health and quality of life.

The best solutions:

With or without dealing with these causes above I recommend:

Electroacupressure. This is the fastest and most effective treatment for all headaches/ migraines. I can say this from experience both in treating many thousands of people over the last 23 years, including my own family. All of the various types listed above respond instantly by treating to prevent the attack; treating just as you feel it starting or repeated treatments over a few hours if it has already started. It also quickly deals with other causes including neck pain, shoulder pain and TMJ (jaw pain).

Serrapeptase is very good at clearing some types and can be used alongside Electroacupressure. Inflammation is always a factor in headaches/migraines and Serrapeptase is essential for support. There may be scarring in the brain contributing to these problems and serrapeptase is the better solution for this.

Products to help relax – can help to dramatically reduce many of the prime causes of headaches/migraines, including tension/anxiety/stress/depression.

This helps you keep life in balance and although your challenges are still there you will find you can deal with them much better and nothing helps as much as being headache/migraine free.

Headaches and migraines can make many lives a misery, but I promise the majority can get them under control to a point when they may never come back, with my help.