“Maintaining a healthy prostate is essential to all men”, says health advocate Robert Redfern.

Maintaining proper urine flow and a healthy prostate can be a tricky proposition. In fact only 10% of men are unable to avoid such problems by the age of 80. Poor prostate health can lead to some serious and depressing issues, which means you need to be proactive about this aspect of your health. The unfortunate truth is that most men are not proactive enough and instead just hope for the best.

On the other hand, some men do take supplements for their prostate health, but they choose supplements that are not science-based. In other words,
they don’t contain the full spectrum of nutrients that are essential for prostate support. I believe that there are certain ingredients that are essential to prostate formulas if they truly are going to work on an optimal level.



Low levels of the hormone DHT are necessary to maintain a healthy- sized prostate, but levels of this hormone increase as men grow older. Interestingly, studies have shown that bee pollen (such as GraminexTM G63) can help to reduce DHT.

In England, researchers gave bee pollen to men who were going to the bathroom too often or were experiencing difficulty urinating. The results were impressive: after just 6 months, a whopping 79% of the men showed a significant improvement. Furthermore, 36% of the men felt completely satisfied by the results. How is this possible? Bee pollen works to relax the smooth muscles of the urinary tract and that allows urine to flow freely.



Prostate Plus+ -This powerful non-drug formula supports prostate health and contains activating enzymes for maximum absorption and therapeutic effect.

Other recommended products include Active Life, a good all-round multivitamin supplement which contains over 90 vitamins and minerals. Also, Serranol helps promote better wellbeing for your inflammatory system and supports brain, joint, lung and bronchial health.