The enzyme that can help pain, chronic inflammation and clogged arteries…

The silkworm works hard for survival, digesting tough mulberry leaves then escaping from a rock hard chrysalis to take flight. To do this it secretes the powerful enzyme Serrapeptase. This remarkable use of the enzyme by silkworms was first noticed by researchers in the 1960s. Their studies and greater understanding of its powers led to Serrapeptase being harnessed in the laboratory using a plant medium and the friendly bacteria Serratia E15.

Since then, Serrapeptase has achieved a remarkable reputation as a result of 23 studies, successful use by doctors throughout the world, and an impressive catalogue of user testimonials.

As a Proteolytic Enzyme (Protease), it works by helping to prevent and remove dead tissue and unhealthy inflammation. This allows the body’s natural and healthy processes to function as they should, while reducing pain. Each tablet or capsule will typically contain 80,000iu of the highest quality Serrapeptase, the formulation designed to give the maximum benefit in the minimum time.

With its potential ability to replace many anti-inflammatory drugs and bypass some operations, this ‘Miracle’ Enzyme has the added benefit of no known side-effects or interaction with drugs. It is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and in the lowest dose it is suitable for children and pets.


Health professionals and members of the public share their experience of Serrapeptase:


Maureen from Birmingham had fought a 16 year battle against MS. Her discovery of Serrapeptase made a dramatic difference to her life:

“Everything has improved. The tightness in my spine that indicates the presence of MS has gone, as has the constant pins and needles in my fingers. My balance has improved and perhaps best of all the old confidence I had pre-MS has returned.”

Mr and Mrs Jones are healers who help many people with their health problems. An 80 year old client of theirs had suffered a stroke some time ago. Mrs Jones says:

“We suggested she try Serrapeptase to clear the arteries and sure enough her walking ability improved. We were also amazed by its power in dispersing two cysts, one on her back and another on her breast.”

Mrs Donnelly is an asthma sufferer who took Serrapeptase on the advice of her local health shop. She says:

“No unrealistic claims were made when I bought it but Serrapeptase made me feel 200% better. My husband and I love dancing and now I can enjoy it again.”

Susan from Sheffield suffers from a rare form of vasiculitis, inflammation of the blood vessels. Her problem is a build-up of tissue in her throat that threatens to choke her. Serrapeptase has kept the scar tissue down and reduced excess mucus. She says:

“I feel Serrapeptase has literally saved my life.”

Pharmacist Dennis Gore is a regular broadcaster on several radio stations. He is in great demand throughout he UK and Ireland as a speaker on health issues. He says:

“I came across Serrapeptase in 2002 as a result of the publicity surrounding the good health effects people were obtaining and the fact it was available on prescription from doctors in Germany and other European countries. Three gentlemen all scheduled for heart bypass operations contacted me to tell their Serrapeptase stories. Just taking 2-3 doses per day of Serrapeptase appeared to have cleared their arteries and reduced their angina symptoms. All three had their operations cancelled. Their specialists could find no significant symptoms.”


Practitioners are discovering the myriad uses of Serrapeptase.

Dr Simon Norton of Epsom Chiropractic Clinic says:

“I’ve prescribed Serrapeptase for those with varicose veins in their legs which looked like a bunch of grapes. After a few months they’ve returned with scarcely any sign of disfigurement.”

Nurse Linda runs the Natural Health Practice. Originally a skeptic of the power of the silkworm enzyme she now says:

“Everyone should be taking Serrapeptase. Clients with IBS, for example, suddenly realize they haven’t grumbled for weeks.”

Naturopath Janet Spence is enthusiastic about the role of Serrapeptase in patients at risk of thrombosis. She says:

“Warfarin was killing one of my patients when she first came to see me. I put her onto Serrapeptase. Her GP is happy for us to be doing this as there is no other drug he can use.”



Serra Enzyme 80,000IUTM (The Original Serrapeptase) helps promote better well-being for your inflammatory system and supports your whole body including digestive tracts, colon, arteries, lungs, joints, and anywhere blockages/inflammation needs resolving. This inexpensive and effective formula provides powerful strength 80,000iu, enteric coated for the best absorption.