Alarming side effects put your heart health at risk.

Anticoagulants are the drug of choice, prescribed by doctors to reduce blood clotting in arteries, veins, and the heart. Blood clots are a major health concern since they can block blood flow to the heart and brain. Even a minor blood clot can result in a heart attack or stroke.

If you search “anticoagulants” on the Internet, one of the most popular search results remains “anticoagulants side effects,” and with good reason. Anticoagulants are popularly prescribed medications to prevent blood clots and stop larger blood clots from forming.

Common prescription anticoagulants include warfarin and heparin. Anticoagulants are most often prescribed when blood clots too quickly. This can cause blood clots to form in the wrong places to greatly increase the risk of serious medical conditions, like stroke, heart attack, transient ischemic attack, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism. Taking anticoagulants is a serious matter. You must follow the instruction of your doctor carefully and inform any other doctor or dentist that you are on medication. You must ask your doctor before taking any other type of medicine, including sleeping pills, antibiotics, cold medicine, and vitamins. Even a simple vitamin can make an anticoagulant stronger or weaker, which can prove incredibly dangerous.


Anticoagulants can be used to reduce the risk of blood clots, but they can also wreak havoc on your health. Your doctor may caution you of early warning signs of a larger problem, such as:

  • • Red or dark brown urine
  • • Red, dark brown, or black stool
  • • Abnormal bleeding before a menstrual period
  • • Enjoy vegetables, dark-skinned fruits, avocados, beans, nuts, seeds, wild fish, grass-fed meat, couscous, quinoa, buckwheat, and healthy oils liberally.

Exercise every day will keep the circulatory system pumping strong:

  • • Gentle rebounding for 30 minutes, brisk walking for 3 miles, and low weight training are recommended.
  • • If circulatory issues keep you from physical activity, start out slow. You can begin by lying on your back on the couch and cycling your legs in the air.
  • • Small steps forward can improve circulation and ease the burden on the heart and lungs.

As an alternative to toxic medication, natural enzymes can boost circulatory health. In what has been called the World’s Most Powerful Enzyme Formula, Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, and proanthocyanidins work in harmony. These enzymes can improve arterial and cardiovascular function, regulate blood pressure and the circulatory system, and support digestive, lung, eye, and brain health.

Natural support for circulation can transform your circulatory health. Prescription anticoagulants are only designed to control and manage the issue. They do not provide any hope of a long-term cure or relief. The risk for a more serious medical complication, including a heart attack or stroke, remains if anticoagulants are not taken under strict doctor’s orders. Even physicians call anticoagulants “aggressive drugs.”

Powerful enzymes can calm inflammation, support detoxification, and improve blood flow. These enzymes work together to destroy and flush damaged tissue from the body. Blood flow and circulation will improve once unhealthy fibrin in arteries and veins has been removed naturally. As a by-product, arterial walls will strengthen, and blood detoxification will take place.

Anti-inflammatory circulation is especially beneficial for those with blood clotting risk and can be helpful for any older adult. Circulation often slows with age, especially without regular exercise. An enzyme like Serrapeptase can support a natural, healthy aging process by removing fibrin build-up. Serrapeptase will ease the burden on the circulatory system caused by thickened blood and a weakened immune system – triggered by inflammation.

Your circulatory health can get better with age. When you stop eating inflammatory foods, your health will simply improve. As you begin to exercise daily, healthy circulation is a natural result. With the use of anti-inflammatory enzymes, you can clear inflammation, boost immunity, and allow the body to heal itself naturally. Strengthening circulation may allow you to reduce the use of harmful anticoagulants and minimize their side effects.



This product contains a careful blend of powerful enzymes such as Serrapeptase and Nattokinase, plus digestive enzymes, antioxidants and proanthocyanidins such as grape seed extract and Pycnogenol now in a delayed release capsule.


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