Ecklonia Cava Extract and $35 million studies later…

For centuries people throughout Asia have consumed Ecklonia Cava Extract (ECE), a specie of edible brown algae. Harvested from the coastal waters of Japan, Korea and China, all studies indicate ECE offers outstanding health benefits.


Fibromyalgia patients underwent a 2 month, double-blinded study on ECE and results showed improved sleep patterns, energy levels, 30% pain reduction and 40% overall improvement. (The placebo patients had no improvement.)


Researchers into CVry artery disease found ECE inhibits oxidation of LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol better than green tea. It helps remove plaque and reduces vascular inflammation, which also affects the body’s inflammatory response.


A clinical trial confirmed ECE’s capacity to regenerate the cells critical to the blood vessels’ inner lining and recover their plasticity after 6 weeks’ treatment. It demonstrates ECE’s ability to reverse atherosclerosis.


Ecklonia Cava Extract’s many health benefits provide additional cardiovascular protection for obese patients, who are more prone to cardiovascular and CVry heart disease.


Memory can be improved by ECE, increasing the blood flow rate in the carotid artery. Another study revealed ECE compounds prevented sleepiness in bus drivers and students due to extra blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain.


Where the aged brain may suffer reduced blood flow and inflammatory reactions; the ECE compound Fucoidan has protective effect. Its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory activity disable neuro-toxic free-radical activity.


Researchers gave 39 high cholesterol sufferers, average age 55, low dose ECE compounds for 6 weeks. This resulted in moderate drops in cholesterol LDL and Triglycerides and rise in ‘good’ HDL.


A favourable combination of ECE’s natural anti-inflammatory and tissue- protective properties appears to help improve arthritis and neuralgia. Cartilage cells treated with ECE had up to 80% reduction in degeneration.


Another ECE compound is a bradykinin equivalent, the hormone produced by the body, maintaining blood vessels dilated, encouraging healthy blood flow and blood pressure.


Researchers have found ECE inhibits beta-amyloidal deposit in the brain, the accumulating substance of Alzheimer’s disease. Rats learned maze challenges faster, showing short-term memory improvement.


An EEG study on healthy middle age volunteers found that ECE compounds can increase alpha-waves, an indicator of relaxation.


ECE plays a beneficial role in significantly relieving allergic reactions without the side-effects of anti- histamine drugs.


Findings suggest ECE compounds may prevent or reverse progressive chronic lung disease such as asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.


A beverage containing 200mg ECE was given daily to 141 young adults. After 2 weeks, their weight dropped 2.5 pounds, muscle mass increased by 2.5 pounds, and body fat dropped 4 pounds, or 7.48%


A mouse study showed ECE reversed fat deposits in liver and pancreas cells and inhibited inflammation. Excessive fat deposit and inflammation result in insulin insensitivity and type 2 diabetes.


ECE compounds produce the chemical nitric oxide (NO) that keeps the arterial walls relaxed and dilated. Scientists studied 31 men with erectile dysfunction for over 6 months and found ECE scores higher than with Viagra®.

The existence of the humble algae signals the planet’s health. Taking ECE as a supplement can contribute to long-term improvement in the myriad vascular functions of our bodies.



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