Now’s the time to follow a simple action plan…

Latest news in the UK is that if politicians have their way we’ll all be working way past age 70. This underlines the need to sustain our health as we grow older.

You might visit your doctor and ask how you can avoid sickness and disease. What can they offer? In all probability, statins and other drugs touted by the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, drugs don’t improve your well-being; at best they make you feel better until their effect wears off and you often then feel worse than before.

From a natural health perspective, it’s certainly possible to create a happy and healthy life after age 50. Firstly, don’t unquestioningly listen to medical doctors who most likely have no training in nutritional health care. The fact is, their training is in disease management so they can’t really be expected to know how to help you achieve optimum health.

Good nutrition is vital for everybody (not just those who play sports) but there is no one shortcut supplement, food or exercise that will get you healthy. You need to be willing to address your health with a long-term plan.



  • Fats for your brain – sardines, salmon, etc, hemp oil, olive oil.
  • Vegetables – 8-12 portions of vegetables, soups, stir-fry, raw, juiced, etc.
  • Fruits – dark skinned fruits are the highest anti-aging fruits; avocados are the world’s most super food with more nutrients than any other.
  • Nuts, seeds and beans (best soaked for 24-48 hours for better absorbency).


  • •Grains and cereals, breads, pastry, biscuits, breakfast cereals, white rice, potatoes, pasta and high sugar fruits and veg such as parsnips.


  • Exercise: walking 3-5 miles per day at a fast rate with a long stride is the minimum.
  • Supplements: Serrapeptase, Curcumin, a good multivitamin/ mineral that includes Lutein. Additionally, CoQ10 and Digestive Enzyme complex.
  • Finally: have purpose in your life. Have goals. Do voluntary/ community work. Join a group, make friends. Without these we lose our life force – and there are no supplements for that.