We take a look at why losing excess pounds could be the best thing you do for your health.

If you feel that you just can’t lose weight no matter what you do, don’t worry, as you are not alone. Many obese and overweight people around the world feel just as you do. But, keep in mind that it is possible to lose weight, as people are successfully doing it every day!

You may feel that your efforts to lose weight have been hampered by your hormones and other factors, such as food addiction. Increasingly, evidence is pointing us in the direction that this is indeed the case.


The ‘feelgood’ response

Health experts are becoming alarmed by the negative impact on our health caused by sugar, junk food and salty carbohydrates. Becoming addicted to such foods is easier than one might believe, as they send blood glucose levels skyrocketing. Why is this important? When your blood glucose levels soar, they stimulate a release of serotonin, which creates a ‘feelgood’ response in the brain.

There is an up and down effect involved in this process, and that means that once levels drop, you end up craving more unhealthy carbs. If you eat too many of these unhealthy carbs, your body will certainly respond in an unhealthy fashion. The hormone insulin is released into your body in order to get rid of excess glucose in your blood.



A study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology has demonstrated that high glycaemic index foods can actually accelerate the growth of tumours and cancer cells. High glycaemic index foods such as refined carbohydrates cause blood sugar levels to increase rapidly. The study, which examined the dietary habits of over 1,800 Mexican women, found that those who gained 57% or more of their total energy intake from carbohydrates demonstrated a 220% higher risk of breast cancer than women with more balanced diets.

Another factor is that this process places a serious strain on your thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is quite significant in that it regulates your metabolism, effectively converting the food you consume into energy. Eating unhealthy carbs can keep your hormone system elevated and place the thyroid under prolonged stress. Illness ranging from obesity to heart disease and type 2 diabetes can result.


The Iodine Issue

The issue of iodine is another important one where losing weight is concerned. Low levels of iodine in one’s diet can cause hypothyroidism. This condition has a surprisingly diverse range of symptoms including a lack of energy and poor metabolism. Obese people are often lethargic, and this could be the result of a deficiency in iodine.



L-Carnitine + CoQ10 -This is a natural body substance which turns body fat into energy. Studies show that it reduces fat mass, increases muscle mass and reduces fatigue. All of these effects may contribute to weight loss

Also, Nascent Iodine is recognised as being the same kind of iodine produced by the thyroid, so this may help to enhance the metabolism and aid the oxidation of fats.