I am 64 and if I talk to my peer group about the future, I am likely to hear a variety of responses, all of which have something in common. People are concerned about finances and jobs, about remaining relevant, and their health and the health of their children. But there’s one concern that trumps all the rest – one thing that every baby boomer I’ve ever spoken to worries about more than anything – the thought of losing one’s mind. This thought haunts baby boomers across the planet, and most especially those who’ve had personal experience with an aging parent with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Observing and interacting with someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s is one of the most painful things in the world when the person in question is someone you love. I know this from personal experience, since my father lived with dementia for the final two years of his life.

Keeping our brains sharp and functioning optimally means protecting our memories, our ability to think and reason, our ability to interact with the world, our ability to have a meaningful and productive life.

The good news is that there are supplements that protect the brain that are even getting results in stopping or reversing brain degeneration. Through careful nutrition it is possible to keep our brains sharp as a tack for as many years as humanly possible.

Protecting our brain and keeping it healthy and functioning optimally is about a lot more than taking supplements, though that’s a critical element. It’s also about lifestyle choices that keep oxygen flowing through this incredibly complex neural circuitry (another of the zillions of benefits of exercise). It’s about forming connections with other people. It’s about reducing stress, which literally, physically shrinks an important part of the brain involved in memory and thinking (the hippocampus). It’s about eating the foods that provide the nutrients that keep the neural machinery well-oiled.

Step 1 – Take supplements that studies show will keep your brain healthy: Fatty Acids, Curcumin, Vinpocetine, and a full spectrum of minerals.

Step 2 – Exercise, as studies show those who exercise and keep the oxygen flowing to the brain avoid degenerative diseases.

Step 3 – Avoid infections by taking a supplement that will keep the bugs at bay.

Step 4 – Keep your mind active, with a good circle of friends of many ages, and with brain exercises such as crosswords and suduko.

Step 5 – Stop eating starchy carbohydrates and eat lots of vegetables, dark skinned fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, grass fed meats and poultry (unprocessed), wild fish (oily), and sprouted grains.

I can recommend this plan as it is my plan and in spite of both of my parents dying earlier than the age I am now, I am super healthy and feel like a 40 year old.