An obesity epic is on the rise. Here’s how you can take steps to tackle the problem.

Over the last few decades, the idea of the homemade meal has taken a real knock as processed foods and ready meals have all but destroyed traditional home cooking. Professor W Philip T. James MD, chairman of the International Obesity Task Force, has declared that now is the time for us to face the fact that the food our children routinely consume just isn’t cutting it.

The simple fact is that millions of people in the West are dying each year from obesity as well as obesity-related disease. Here are some steps you should follow to combat this problem:

  • Get rid of junk food in your house. Set aside a few minutes and toss it all out!
  • Stop eating fast food and processed foods and replace them with healthy, wholefood alternatives.
  • Learn what your healthy food options are.
  • Ask your school to assist you in forming a parent’s group designed to teach cooking courses and nutrition in your school and school district.
  • Establish a communal web blog for your schools and community, designed to seek out and disseminate menus, recipes and important health and nutrition information.

How to spot junk food when you see it

The easiest way to spot junk food is to realise that it will likely come in a box or from a fast food restaurant. Foods such as breads, pasta, pastry, white rice, breakfast cereals, biscuits and similar types of foods need to be off your grocery list and out of your house.

Milk and cheese are processed and, as a result, your body doesn’t know what to do with them. Likewise, many types of meat are processed and full of potentially harmful nitrates. Often ‘fresh meat’ is still processed. Furthermore, when animals are mostly fed grains and corn, you can expect these meat options to contain up to 6 times more saturated fats.

Healthy food options

Fruits and vegetables are, of course, very nutritious and healthy. Look for dark-skinned fruits, beans, seeds, nuts, oily fish, sprouted grains, grass-fed meats and unprocessed poultry.

Additional steps should include smart supplements such as a well-balanced multivitamin and mineral supplement, probiotics, vitamin D, digestive enzymes and fatty acids. Adding these supplements can make a real difference to your family’s health.


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