How Healing Your Gut Can Help With Depression

Scientists have identified how microorganisms can be the main cause of infectious disease. Around three pounds of the bacteria live within the gut and scientists call this our microbiome – our internal bacterial colony.

Since the introduction of the microbiome concept, it’s now commonly known that a healthy bacterial colony is a requirement for good digestion and a strong immune system. Now, a study in Psychiatry Research suggests that the health of your gut is heavily associated with brain health.

Clinical trials have even shown signs that probiotics can ease anxiety and depression. Researchers have found that there’s also a correlation between eating more fermented foods and the ability to suffer less from social anxiety.

Regular exercise has also been shown to play a role in supporting the mental state of students studied, concluding that fermented foods may have a protective effect against social anxiety symptoms especially for those at higher genetic risk. Although additional research is required, the results suggest that eating probiotic foods can serve as a ‘low risk intervention for reducing social anxiety.’

Due to this emerging picture, the researchers have suggested that the psychiatry and public health officials should seriously consider the impact that diet can have on mental health in general.

All of this research suggests there are strong interconnections between the brain and the gut and certain physicians believe that the microbiome doesn’t just affect mood but can also impact how the brain functions and develops over time.

Current treatment for neurological disorders tends to focus on creating direct change within brain chemistry and neurotransmitter chemicals. But now it’s strongly believed that the future of mental health needs to focus on the gut health, alongside the food and drugs too.

The good news is that this study provides further evidence that diet and lifestyle plays a huge influence in determining our general gut and brain health. We can do this by taking good care of our gut health with probiotics and the right nutrients to support brain health, such as L-Tryptophan. The L-Tryptophan is an amino acid that can stimulate a brain chemical called serotonin that helps with controlling mood and healthy sleep patterns, providing effective relief for a wide range of brain and gut problems in the long term.




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