Natural plant-cell vitamin C supplements are safer and more effective.

Whether you’re suffering from the common cold or a more serious infection, vitamin C could hold the key to your health. Vitamin C is considered by many in the medical community as the foundation of immune health – supported by countless studies.


Research supports that vitamin C can:

  • Increase energy
  • Boost stamina and alertness
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Support wound, fracture and scar-healing
  • Fight off infection
  • Ward off the common cold/flu

Studies make powerful claims that support the efficacy of vitamin C. The National Library of Medicine contains thousands of studies that endorse vitamin C’s ability to improve health. Vitamin C is a potent yet often underestimated nutrient that you simply can’t live without.


Taking vitamin C as a supplement could dramatically improve your health, but it’s vital to choose the right product. Up to 95% of over-the-counter vitamin C supplements are manufactured by drug companies and made with synthetic ingredients. This synthetic vitamin C is unnatural, hard on your body and likely a waste of money.

There is a 100% natural vitamin C supplement that is safer than a synthetic vitamin. A plant-cell vitamin C supplement is formulated from plant-cell nutrients and is designed to deliver a high amount of vitamin C in each dose. While plant-cell technology is new in the world of vitamin and mineral supplements, plant-cell vitamins are the best choice by far. Plant-cell vitamin ingredients are cultivated using a full food matrix.

So, your body will readily recognise the supplement ingredients as natural food. A plant-cell vitamin or mineral contains food components that can be processed by your body – proteins, carbs, enzymes, amino acids, lipids and bioflavonoids.


Plant-cell vitamin C is easier for your body to absorb. Compared to a synthetic vitamin without active food components, plant-cell vitamin C is better absorbed and retained in the digestive process. Based on the results of a Scranton University double-blind study, plant-cell vitamin C is 1.87 times more absorbent than synthetic/USP vitamin C.

Plant-cell vitamin C is also 2.6 times more bioavailable than pharmaceutical vitamin C.

What this means for your body is complete synergy in a vitamin C supplement. When you take 100% plant- cell vitamin C, you won’t risk ingesting any synthetic substances produced by a drug company. Plant-cell vitamin C supports the health of your entire body to provide long-term benefits – through unparalleled absorption.



This product is a natural complex and does not come from synthetic sources, as produced by the drug companies. Created out of plant- cell nutrients rather than USP grade vitamins, with unparalleled absorption, these extraordinary materials are well tolerated even by those who are sensitive to regular vitamins.