Daily exercise is a fantastic way of strengthening your lungs.

Contrary to the opinion of fitness fanatics, there are two simple ways to get your lungs working better and stronger. And no, they do not include swimming and cycling, although you can add these later if you want to.


One of the two simple ways to exercise is to build up to walking three to five miles per day in a fast, purposely strong way with as long a stride as you can. Keep your hands moving from chest level to belt level as you move with each stride. Use weights or wrist weights as you improve.

If this is difficult for you at the start, and your lungs are weak, then lie down to exercise to make it easier. Lie down in a comfortable place. On your bed, (if it’s firm enough), when you first wake up is a great time and place for this. Bring a knee up to your chest as high as you can get it and then alternate with the other knee. Do as many of these as you can while keeping count. Do this every day and set yourself targets to increase the speed and the number as the weeks go by.
You should be doing enough to make your lungs and heart beat faster. At the same time as you improve your count on your back you need to be starting your walking and building this up.


The second great exercise for strengthening your lungs is to build up slowly where you can exercise at maximum rate for two minutes, six times per day. It does not matter what exercise you do, eg skipping, star jumps, running on the spot; just about anything as long as your heart and lungs are working at maximum capacity. By working at maximum rate your lungs and muscles connected with your heart and lungs will get stronger. Movement is a vital part of your recovery plan.