Meet your liver: an organ behind in its work, and trying to catch up!

Your liver’s job is to analyze and attempt to excrete, or turn to fuel, all substances you come in contact with. It is supposed to routinely perform thousands of ‘life vital’ functions around the clock. But every day, we ingest countless sticky, foreign, practically useless chemicals, making its job nearly impossible. As a result, the load on the liver keeps increasing.

“The manual that God wrote, that we were all supposed to receive at birth, explaining how to interpret the body’s signals, is out of print.”

Unknown philosopher

Our overworked friend houses the gall bladder and weighs about 450g (a pound). It regulates blood sugar, cleanses the blood, stores iron, metabolises fat, carbohydrates and proteins. It synthesizes vitamin A and is the lynch pin of your body’s immune system.

For many people, the liver is overwhelmed by age 10. To fully comprehend the tasks your liver is dealing with, imagine you are, all at the same time, a gardener, chemist, sewage worker, housekeeper, soldier on duty, warehouse operator and shop assistant. Now imagine you are 5 months behind in your work!

Your one-track mind liver

Your liver has a one-track mind and only says one thing: “I don’t like that!” But it says it in 18 different ways. The number one way the liver communicates with us is by altering our emotions. Suddenly, things that were right are now wrong. Tiny problems are huge. Patience goes out of the window. It’s your liver saying “I don’t like French Fries!”

Other liver symptoms not to be ignored include; skin or eye irritation, headaches, bad moods or mood swings, low energy, fatigue, foggy thinking, a sore or stiff right shoulder, fuzzy vision, congestion of the nose, sinuses or chest, slow reaction time, mental or emotional stress, insomnia, restless sleep and hot flushes. These symptoms are your liver’s cries for help.


Liver Balance Plus™ is a powerful herbal formula containing all the herbs to effectively detox your liver, including Dong Quai, Dandelion, Cayenne, Ginger, Liquorice and Hyssop Leaf.

Other beneficial liver products: CurcuminX4000™, SAM-e™ and Edible Earth®. See the Good Health Essentials pages.