“Are you ready to do something simple to improve your greatest health worry?”, asks Robert Redfern

Men’s chance of keeping good urine flow and healthy prostate function by the time they’re 80 years old is just 1 in 10. These are odds that almost guarantee a prostate problem by the time you’re 80. With odds like that, it likely leads to something worse for many. (I guess you know what I’m talking about.)

Are you ready to do something to improve your chances of keeping your prostate in good shape? Most men don’t. They just wait and hope for the best. Not the smartest choice.

Some men take herbal supplements for their prostate that are not scientifically based. These formulas may be very basic and almost certainly don’t contain the full spectrum of science based nutrients to give the support you need.

Scientific research shows what works. There are ingredients I believe your prostate formula must have to work. Unfortunately, many don’t have them.

Here’s the problem: Most formulas are very similar. They are made to a price rather than being made to work. The other danger is they don’t keep up with the latest discoveries. Ingredients like Saw Palmetto work in some cases and pumpkin seed is helpful. I use them myself. But there are otherprostate nutrients most doctors either don’t know about or overlook.

These are the ones that make a difference you can actually feel.

The first is Bee Pollen. Studies show Bee Pollen (GraminexTM G63) reduces DHT, the hormone that starts to ramp up as you get older. Low levels of DHT are critical for a healthy sized prostate.

Researchers in England gave it to men who were going to the bathroom a little too often and had a hard time peeing. After 6 months, 79% of them showed real improvement and 36% felt fully satisfied with the results. Bee Pollen also helps relax the smooth muscles lining your urinary tract. That means when you have to pee, you can relax and let it flow!

When Japanese researchers ran studies, they found these great results with Bee Pollen:

  • Residual urine decreased by 92%
  • Urine force and flow improved by 86%
  • Need to urinate at night dropped by 85%
  • The feeling of strain during urination dropped by 56%.

Another nutrient with good studies for a healthy prostate is Nettles Leaf Ext. Beta-sitosterols.

This powerful extract supports your prostate on a cellular level. Together with Lycopene, B Vitamins, Ginseng, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, and Vitamin D3, these nutrients make the perfect prostate formula.

But please keep something in mind – don’t wait around thinking this won’t happen to you. It will for 9 out of 10 men. Every man needs prostate support and every prostate needs the supportof around 20 nutrients. If your prostate formula doesn’t have over 20 ingredients, change your formulation. Today.



Prostate Plus+TM is a powerful non- drug formula with activating enzymes for maximum absorption and therapeutic effect.