Many people suffer for years with back problems—ranging from nagging low-grade aches, to excruciating, debilitating pain. They may have been helped by doctors, chiropractors, and osteopaths, but never really found permanent relief; some who took the surgery route ended up even worse.

Their conditions include:

  • Scoliosis
  • Herniated discs
  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Lower back pain
  • Mid-back pain
  • People who have sustained serious back injuries from accidents

Many tens of thousands of back pain sufferers in countries all over the world have experienced what some call a miracle. They have achieved this completely with their own hands, or help from a friend. They have been able to drastically reduce their pain by as much as 90 percent or more, often in minutes. Usually, in about two to three days and with continuing treatment for a month or so, they can eliminate their problems completely.

How? They simply went through the Mastering Acupuncture Manual to the correct treatment instruction for their particular condition. They then applied the HealthPoint probe as indicated in Mastering Acupuncture points, to obtain this fast relief. Remarkably, these are not people who have an interest in natural health; they have just “tried it all” and found HealthPoint because they were still looking for the “solution”.

In the early 90s, we demonstrated HealthPoint at exhibitions, home shows, trade shows, and shopping malls in the UK, USA, and Canada. We claimed in our posters that we could stop pain instantly. This, of course, caught attention, and people came into the booth to challenge us to stop their pain.


It is an electronic device that locates and stimulates the points on the body know as acupuncture points.


HealthPoint, with the help of its unique searching system, enables you to quickly become an expert at precisely locating acupuncture treatment points. With the aid of the comprehensive manual, it enables you to easily treat any condition that benefits from acupuncture.


Rapid, effective, long-lasting pain relief and an apparent acceleration of tissue repair, by stimulating the body’s own healing system.

Back pain is just one of the many success stories from HealthPoint.


I suffered from. Herniated Ruptured Disc for 16 years. I tried going to a chiropractor, bed rest, and no activity. After getting my back realigned, I was still in pain, until I used the HealthPoint. I felt relief immediately. I was in awful pain when the HealthPoint arrived. I used it and went to bed and slept as if I had never had back trouble. I get immediate relief every time I use it. Now, I use it to help back pain, foot pain, sinus, and bursitis. I can now move free of pain, enjoy life, and enjoy associations with people. I would not leave home without it.

–F.E.B., USA

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