When choosing vitamin C supplements, the best and most natural option is to go for plant-cell varieties – and here’s why.

You may not realise this but 95% of all the vitamin C (ascorbic acid) on the shelves is made in synthetic industrial processes in factories by chemical/pharmaceutical companies. Not only are you getting an unnatural form of vitamin C that does not absorb as well as food state vitamin C, but your purchase of such products is going into the coffers of pharmaceutical companies.


Plant-cell Technology™ is a new and innovative approach towards the manufacturing of vitamins and minerals. Plantcell ingredients are ‘grown’ containing a full food matrix so, in essence, your body recognises these ingredients as food.

Plant-cell minerals and vitamins contain food constituents of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, enzymes and bioflavonoids. Unlike plant-cells, synthetic vitamins do not contain these active constituents that assist the body in breaking down, absorbing and retaining the nutrients for optimum results.

Created out of plant-cell nutrients rather than synthetic vitamins, with unparalleled absorption, these extraordinary materials are well tolerated even by those who are sensitive to regular vitamins. Plant-cell supplements are safer, more effective, and exceed the absorption, retention and utilization of any form of synthetic vitamin/mineral supplement on the market today, regardless of brand name, source or price.


Research carried out at the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States, found that the absorption of plant-cell vitamin C was 1.87 times better than USP (US Pharmacopeia) ascorbic acid. Also, it was found that the bioavailability of plant-cell vitamin C was 2.6 times greater than pharmaceutical form and the maximum blood level peak was 126% higher for plant-cell vitamin C than for pharmaceutical form.

It is useful in maintaining protein collagen of the tissues, helping to heal wounds, scar tissue and fractures.



This is a natural complex and does not come from synthetic sources, as produced by the drug companies.