Serrapeptase is a simple enzyme with the power to transform your health.

Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme first discovered in the 1970s. Naturally found in the intestine of the silkworm, it is used to break down the cocoon following metamorphosis. In the body, Serrapeptase breaks down proteins into peptides and ultimately amino acids.

Enzymes are essential to health. Often called active proteins, enzymes aid in absorption, repair and growth. Powerful enzymes ensure health in every cell in the body.

Each enzyme has a unique job. Serrapeptase, renowned for its ability to break down and dissolve, can calm inflammation, ease pain and clear plaque in the arteries. This potent enzyme even has the ability to disperse dead tissue in the body, such as scars and cysts.

After scientists recognised the potential of Serrapeptase, leading to its “discovery” in the 1970s, they set out to harness its power in a laboratory setting. The Serrapeptase enzyme was formulated with a plant medium and the beneficial bacteria Serratia E15.

From then on, Serrapeptase’s almost magical properties were celebrated in the medical community, with over 23 studies to back it. The Serrapeptase enzyme was introduced to the world in 2000 by Good Health Naturally. It is now sold on every continent, making its remarkable benefits available to millions.


More than 23 scientific studies support Serrapeptase, but it wasn’t until Robert Redfern launched the health information website that the enzyme’s popularity soared. Robert details the many health benefits of Serrapeptase in his book The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme.

Serrapeptase research speaks for itself, offering relief for countless maladies. 23 scientific references for Serrapeptase use can be found at

Allergies. Serrapeptase calms inflammation and clears mucus associated with allergies and chronic cough, giving the body the chance to replace unhealthy tissue with healthy tissue.

Cystic fibrosis. Serrapeptase effectively clears inflammation and mucus associated with the disorder, thus minimising the spread of harmful bacteria and infection. Emphysema. Research supports Serrapeptase to significantly ease swelling in patients with chronic emphysema compared to a placebo group.

Heart health. Serrapeptase can clear inflammation and dead tissue built up in artery walls; Serrapeptase was first used to treat atherosclerosis by researchers in Germany.

Multiple sclerosis. Serrapeptase taken with Curcumin, Ecklonia Cava, and vitamin D3 can clear scar tissue and inflammation associated with the autoimmune disorder; this process may allow for better nerve signal function and regeneration of healthy tissue.

Rheumatoid arthritis. Multiple studies support enzyme therapy to manage pain and inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis as effectively as pharmaceutical drugs – without side effects.

Sinusitis. Serrapeptase clears all inflammation and mucus and equips the body’s immune system to combat sinus infection.

Breast engorgement. In a double-blind study conducted on patients suffering from breast engorgement related to cystic breast disease, Serrapeptase results were noticeably superior to ease breast swelling and breast pain. 85.7 per cent of the patients treated with Serrapeptase showed moderate to marked improvement. (Kee WH, Tan SL; Lee V, Salmon YM Singapore Med J, 1989)


Discoveries for potential Serrapeptase use continue to break ground. The current benefits of Serrapeptase are extensive and impressive. New Serrapeptase applications may include relief for breast fibrosis, blocked fallopian tubes and Morton’s Neuroma.

Serrapeptase has widespread use to treat diverse ailments – like Morton’s Neuroma, characterised by swelling in the nerve tunnel under the foot, similar to carpal tunnel in the wrist. Serrapeptase can ease this condition without side effects or contraindications, even while pregnant. User testimonials confirm, “I have Morton’s Neuroma on my right foot. It has improved since I started taking the Serrapeptase enzyme. I have also noticed that other
‘hot spots’ of arthritic type of pains have disappeared.”

In instances where medication must be taken to improve health, Serrapeptase can still better the outcome. Though antibiotic use is recommended only as needed to prevent antibiotic resistance, Serrapeptase may reduce biofilm on harmful bacteria and enhance antibiotic efficacy when taken together. Serrapeptase can work synergistically with aspirin to provide anti- inflammatory benefits, without increasing the risk of gastrointestinal ulceration, according to 2008 research published by the Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


To receive health benefits for a minor to major ailment, the recommended dose of natural Serrapeptase is 80,000 IU per capsule at a minimum. This formulation offers remarkable health benefits in a convenient capsule delivery system, supported by the extensive research listed above. When it comes to Serrapeptase, the old adage “less is more” does not hold true. Studies support higher doses of Serrapeptase to provide greater results.

In order for Serrapeptase to have any effect on the body, it must be delivered in an enteric-coated capsule. High-dose Serrapeptase in tablet or capsule form should be formulated free from additives in a delayed release, enteric-coated delivery system. Powerful Serrapeptase capsule delivery is designed to reach the small intestine for greater absorption by passing through the stomach intact.

Today, even more potent Serrapeptase formulations are available at 250,000 IU. Maximum strength Serrapeptase can accelerate healing, improve joint mobility, reduce inflammation and support post-surgical recovery. Serrapeptase encapsulated at such a high dose must be manufactured under strict FDA Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines to ensure safe absorption and delivery.

Maximum strength Serrapeptase can enhance overall health and may target specific ailments backed by research – heart disease, arthritis, sinusitis, bronchitis and more.

Serrapeptase is recognised as a powerful alternative to often harmful over-the-counter and prescription drugs by physicians, registered nurses, chiropractors, naturopaths and alternative medicine practitioners. Serrapeptase has been used to treat mild to serious health issues for more than 30 years. Serrapeptase currently has wide clinical use in Europe and Asia and is recommended as a safe substitute for pharmaceuticals, including NSAIDS, ibuprofen and salicylates.



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